Welcome! Tirawa Studios Is Open

After years of thinking and developing ideas, we are finally proud to introduce Tirawa Studios – where we create entertainment for families. Being inspired by family activities, we’ll create recreations that connect people.


As a creative studio for families, we produce contents for kids and parents. Our contents will not only stay in the digital world of mobile games and stories, but you can also find us in the real world with touch-and-feel experiences.

Because the world for our kids shouldn’t be limited by screen bezels and the family ties shouldn’t be disrupted by internet connection, we’ll commit to delivering a diversity of recreations.


Welcome to the world of Tirawa Studios – the world of lovely friends and cheerful stories.

Here and there, it may not be only about peaceful tales. Please also be ready to get on adventurous journeys with your curiosity and courage, because we are meant to grow through challenges.

Do you want to get aboard on the endless trip with us?


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